Project Management Software is software that is used in most organizations for the planning of projects, scheduling, and allocation of resources. It allows the whole team of managers to manage their quality management, budget, and all document that are exchanged by the project. A great project software does the job from pursuing the product to the management possessions as well as from the management of the budget to the team members’ collaboration, and there are too many things that have been considered while using managing projects.

There are the following three different software:

  1. Nifty:

Nifty is a very upgraded project managing instrument which decreases the cycle of project management and improves the productivity of the team by gathering all the qualities in a single software. The result is a very magnificent improvement that keeps the team inspired and maintains the goal on the schedule. This software enables you to perform tasks by the list view or Kanban, which is listed in the calendar and can be combined with the file as well as google and document sharing. Nifty has a unique collaboration in which each project has a discrete discussion strand that encourages project communication. With GitHub integration, Nifty truly becomes unique by inspiring all the department collaboration like no additional. The pricing of the Nifty software for ten members is thirty-nine dollars, for 25 members is seventy-nine dollars, and for 50 team members is fifty dollars (Nifty Software, 2021).

  1. Proof Hub:

Proof Hub has an amazing online project application that has an accent on ease. The software for project management is planned mostly meant for growing small businesses. In this project, the tasks are assigned to clients and groups, who are eligible to converse, edit and share. Proof Hub offers to generate traditional characters for the users to build Gantt charts. There are a few elements of the proof hub like; Workflow and boards, Reports, Time tracking, Calendar, Discussion, Chat, Custom Roles, Task Management, Notes, File Management, and in-app notifications. The pricing for the proof hub is range starting from forty-five dollars per month to ninety-nine dollars per month that are dependent on storage and the project’s desired amount (ProofHub, 2021).

  1. Meister Task:

The Meister Task project software is a very simple but powerful Kanban design that empowers project management. Having a different range of cooperative competencies, this smart, and instinctive operational task management instrument is an important tool for the teams that rate user experience and clean visual design. The feature like tags and tasks, watching, and monitoring put it into a simple and enjoyable mood for collaboration with the colleagues in the home office and house.

The Meister Task project software also includes the agenda. The personal board can be pinned and organized from any project task. Contempt this wide functionality, the Meister task project leftovers rapid and logical thanks to the wide range of robust native integrations and intelligent automation with the software counting with Gith Hub, G Suite, and Slack.

The pricing range of the Meister Task that, is offering a free elementary form with the selected essential functionality. It is offering $8.25 per user or per month. It is offering a more inclusive nose designed for one user, while the teams are assisted very best by the business pricing package of $20.75 per user or per month and for the enterprises, it is depending upon their order packages (Haije, 2022).

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