At Sinclair, which is renowned for its extracurricular activities and groups that any student may enjoy, there is always something to do. Attend a show put on by the Sinclair Theatre department or one of the weekly seminars about social and cultural problems called Sinclair Talks. Take advantage of the chances for service learning supported by Sinclair, such as mentoring at-risk youth, providing aid during natural disasters, and supporting veteran appreciation initiatives. Let’s get into how you can apply for business school at Sinclair community college.

About Sinclair community college

To thrive in professions today, graduates need to possess the necessary abilities. Over 220 programmes are available via Sinclair, including those in highly sought-after technical and specialised fields of study in the Dayton area. More than 15,000 certifications have been attained by Sinclair students in the previous four years.

To fit your lifestyle, Sinclair provides course options and timetables, including online ones. With more than 100 university transfer agreements, credits can be transferred with ease to four-year institutions in Ohio and beyond. This makes it simple to continue your education. Each year, Sinclair loses more than 3,500 students.

Sinclair Community College routinely ranks among the best community schools in America and has one of the lowest tuition prices in Ohio. Sinclair is dedicated to providing high-quality education. The student-to-faculty ratio at Sinclair, which is 19 to 1, is one of the lowest of any Ohio institution. From a median annual wage of $17,500 prior to graduation to $37,400 the following year, Sinclair graduates saw a 114 per cent boost in their yearly earnings.

How can you apply?

You don’t need to reapply if you were admitted to Sinclair and/or registered for classes during the previous two years (including former CCP and Tech Prep students). Call 937-512-3000 for assistance with registration, or sign up right away.

Although F1 visa holders must additionally submit supplementary papers in order to be evaluated, all candidates are eligible for admission. Before a programme may begin, there may be additional conditions that must be met. A.I.S. and A.T.S. degrees, the Health Sciences, Paralegal, Police Academy, Early Childhood Education, GM ASEP, Tesla START, Mopar CAP, and Honda PACT programmes are a few of them.

Are you ready to start on the best road to your future at Sinclair College?

Starting off is easy. The procedures are the same and simple to follow regardless of which Sinclair location is best for you! And remember, if you need assistance; don’t hesitate to contact the admissions office at 937-512-3675 or

Apply in person at any Sinclair store or online. You can submit an application in person on the Dayton campus by going to the Welcome Center, which is on the ground level of Building 10. At the time of your initial registration for classes, a $20 one-time, nonrefundable registration fee will be charged.

Online application for International students:

Use this option to start your application if you wish to enroll at Sinclair, transfer here at the official website of Sinclair, or attend our Intensive ESL program while you are on an F-1 visa, or if you are a visiting F-1 student. Contact the office of international education for further details.

Sinclair Community College Admissions

There is a $20 application fee if you are thinking about applying to Sinclair Community College.

Even while application costs might mount up, some institutions provide free applications, and students who are having financial difficulties may be eligible for an application price waiver.

Applying Early to Sinclair Community College?

Early decision or early action options are not available at Sinclair Community College.

Some students think that applying early to college will increase their prospects. The earlier you apply, the more likely it is that your application will be taken into consideration before those of normal decision candidates, demonstrating your genuine interest in the institution.

View a list of several esteemed universities that accept an excessively higher number of candidates during an early decision or early action than during ordinary admission.

How to Get Into Sinclair Community College

Admission to Sinclair Community College is not difficult to get. Open admissions at Sinclair Community College imply that anybody who meets the minimum requirements can enroll; admission is not selective.

Sinclair Community College welcomed them in 2022.

Nearly all candidates are accepted by non-competitive institutions like Sinclair Community College, regardless of their high school class rank or test results.

Admission as a transfer student is not selective.

What Does Sinclair Community College Look For in an Applicant?

When selecting applicants for their upcoming incoming class, colleges take a variety of things into account. Each institution uses a distinct methodology to select which candidates to accept and which to reject based on which considerations are given the greatest weight. You might wish to think about your application’s strengths and any potential flaws while making your selection of schools to apply to and focus on universities that value your strong suit.

Sinclair Community College 2022 Application Requirements:

All candidates for admission to Sinclair Community College are required to provide the following materials. The admissions office at Sinclair Community College should be contacted twice to confirm all application requirements and supplies.

Required documents for admission to Business

Prepare the necessary paperwork before applying for admission to Sinclair Community College in the United States. The list of required papers should be requested directly from a university since it may differ depending on the country. Additionally, you may request example documents using the live chat.


Is Sinclair a good college?

Ohio’s Top 4 Community Colleges In a recent analysis of 23 community colleges in Ohio,, a website that connects students to top-notch degree academic programs, named Sinclair College as the No. 4 best community college.

How much is a community college?

Each semester, community college students pay an average of $1,865 in tuition. For in-state students attending a public community college in the US, the average yearly cost is $4,864; for out-of-state students, it is $8,622. Tuition at private two-year community colleges is, on average, $15,100.

Does Sinclair offer scholarships?

For a total of $300, scholarships are given for a maximum of two lessons per kid and four classes per household. Scholarship courses can be taken during one of the sessions or both.


All candidates are eligible for admission, with the exception of F-1 visa holders who are foreign students. Prior to starting some academic programs, there may be extra criteria that need to be fulfilled. These include the A.I.S. and A.T.S. degrees, the Paralegal and Police Academies, the Health Sciences programs, Early Childhood Education, ASAP, CAP, and Honda PACT. Visit the A-Z Program List to find out more about Sinclair’s academic offerings.

If you want to apply for a Business school in Sinclair, then feel free to contact us!