DU Telecommunication Company of UAE

Name and Student Id No

Company name and background

  • Du Telecommunication company was established in 2006.
  • The company is in the joint business with Mubadala, Dubai Holding, the UAE government, and also public shareholders.
  • The company focused on providing telephone sets, mobiles, television, and broadband.
  • The company also provided IPTV services for the customers.
  • In 2007, Du launched its satellite uplink/Downlink services for the broadcaster of TV.
  • Du has grown rapidly having more than 80,000 business customers in UAE and about 8 million individual customers.

Social Sustainability Initiatives


  1. Recruiting
  2. Training
  3. Retraining of best talent
  4. Education Support
  5. Equal earnings for men and women
  6. HSE Mission
  7. DU University learning framework
  8. Wellness and Happiness initiatives
  9. Women’s only wellness day
  10. Friendly work environment


  1. Customer Satisfaction Program
  2. Bab Noor app
  3. Agent 055
  4. Streaming Service Anghami
  5. Digital Fasting
  6. Wi-Fi UAE
  7. Smart Bus Shelters
  8. Block Chain Council
  9. Voice of the Customer Program
  10. More Digital platforms Society/Community
  11. Financing Development Program
  12. Development of UAE
  13. ICV
  14. Public Service Announcement
  15. Cyber Security Conference
  16. Youth Council
  17. BUNYAN
  18. Mawad Al Rahman
  19. Du Live
  20. Du Tough Mudder

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

  1. Environmental Awareness
  2. Planting Mangroves
  3. Investments to Reduce Flaring
  4. Water treatment plant
  5. Alternative Energy
  6. Solar Powered Network
  7. SE and reduced energy impact
  8. Environmental Friendly SIM card packaging
  9. Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)
  10. Smart Energy Hybrid and Cooling Systems

Social Sustainability Recommendations


  1. Proper equipment
  2. Regular Instructions
  3. Motivating
  4. Encouraging communication
  5. Caring about their well-being
  6. Provide opportunities
  7. Feedback on their hard work
  8. Recognizing

individual/collective performance

  1. Encouraging Team spirit
  2. Employee beneficial programs Customers
  3. Conduct focus groups
  4. Study of compliments and complaints
  5. Visit the customer site more
  6. Go online to seek more feedback
  7. Learning points for improving customer satisfaction
  8. Treat every customer like a VIP
  9. Empowering the agents
  10. Proactive customer service
  11. Customer beneficial programs
  12. Daily stand-up meetings with teams


  1. Social benefit
  2. Strengthening the strategies
  3. The harnessing of social trends for product development
  4. Identifying social factors as constraints for business
  5. Inception Stage activities
  6. Improvement in existing community programs
  7. New community programs
  8. More engagement program
  9. Consistent communication
  10. Sustained quality services providing

Environmental  sustainability Recommendation

  1. Engagement of healthcare sectors
  2. Interviewing experts
  3. Implementing methods ensuring environmental sustainability
  4. More use of renewable energy sources
  5. Implement eco-friendly policies and activities

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