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Choose two retailers from the same sector, but with different target markets (for example, Waitrose and Aldi; Selfridges and Primark), to compare and contrast in 5 key areas, analyzing and identifying how the retailers take different approaches to meet the needs of their customers.

The Brief

A brief overview of the two companies, identifying the values propositions of each and their relevant target audiences, highlighting the key differences between the two Retailers in these areas

Reflecting on the type of retailers that you choose, focus on the following areas, and critically compare and contrast how the retailers take different approaches to meeting the needs of their customers. The following must all be discussed: 

  1. The assortment of products they sell (e.g., product mix, managing the brand, image, and identity, etc)
  2. The way they design their store and their websites (e.g., use the SOR model, etc)
  3. The way they use marketing to attract customers and communicate their value proposition
  4. The way they approach customer service to enhance the shopper’s experience (e.g. SERVQUAL; training and collaboration/coordination etc)
  5. The ways in which they are innovating and evolving

Please ensure a summary of key findings is also given at the end of your highlighting key areas that differ and any conclusions drawn to further demonstrate your comprehension.

Ensure a minimum of 6 credible academic sources are used (i.e. Academic Books, Journals, Papers, etc) and that credible research sources and data sources are provided throughout to demonstrate credibility.


Report Format and Submission Details

  • The report should be 2000 words, +/- 10%.
  • Additional appendices can be provided, but they should only be used for additional illustrative material such as data, charts, diagrams and photos, and brief accompanying explanatory notes.
  • The report should be presented in Ariel, 12 pt font size, 1.5 spaced, page numbered, and in A4 format.
  • Unless explicitly indicated otherwise all coursework must be submitted electronically via Blackboard. In addition to the detail given above, further information may be posted on the Blackboard site for the module.

Marking Criteria

Assessment 2 Marking Criteria 

Criterion Weighting
Evaluate the merits and alternative strategies for different types of retail business (LO2) 15%
Appreciate the complexity of retail channels (store and online) used as alternative routes to market (LO2) 30%
Understand the functions and importance of retailing, the rise (and implications) of retail power, and the nature of the competitive environment within each retailer operate, and analyze the key forces driving change for particular sectors and types of retailers (LO3) 30%
Conclusion 10%
Appropriate use of wide-ranging credible references, including 6 academic references / clearly articulated and structured 15%
Total 100%


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