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Learning Outcomes addressed

Primarily Learning Outcomes 3 to 5 are addressed in this assignment.

  1. Demonstrate strong awareness of the challenges involved in improving supply chain sustainability
  2. Apply theories and frameworks to analyze environmental issues relating to procurement activity in the organization
  3. Evaluate the potential contribution of improvements in the procurement function to making organizations more sustainable

6DIBU003W Coursework 1, 2 and 3

Coursework 1 Presentation is 25% of the total mark

Coursework 2 Report is 25% of the total mark

Coursework 3 Portfolio is 50% of the total mark

Assessment rationale

The assessment consists of three assessment components with formative assessment embedded in the first component (Presentation)

The presentation will be conducted partway through the learning program of the module (week 7) and consist of student presentation of their research topic and plan to develop and write up. Topics and preparation for them will be covered in the second assessment component where students will submit a report of 1000-words evidencing their ability to plan for the module assessments.

The 2000-word Portfolio will consist of a single written report of 1500 words and additional documentation providing evidence.  Module assessment will require students to use a variety of electronic sources.

Assessment criteria

For a student to pass this module the student should demonstrate meeting the learning outcomes through effective case study analysis and evaluation using relevant theories and through critical evaluation of business utilization of digital technologies to support the activities.

All assessments require a demonstration of the effective use of electronic sources.



Coursework 1 Presentation

A ten-minute individual presentation, which will provide a plan for your research of an organization to establish the technology transformation they have completed or one you think needs to be done. The selection of the organization is to be agreed upon with the module leader.

To gain a good mark, the presentation must clearly show an understanding of the chosen company and its structure. Including who they are, what they do, and the markets they are taking part in.

Coursework 2 Report

1000 words maximum

This will be reporting on the research that has been carried out and the knowledge gained. Detailing the findings and the plan you have considered for the company’s transformation.

To gain a higher mark, the quality of your research and findings are important.

Coursework 3 Portfolio

2000 words maximum

This coursework will entail the reporting of the results of your investigation into the organization and details of the transformation. Ensure proper referencing of all sources according to the University of Westminster Harvard system, as above. Include proper web-references, plus the date you accessed a site. References should be in a single list; do not keep web-references separate. You may also include a bibliography, which covers sources used as background reading.

To achieve a good mark, good quality critical analysis of the transformation plan and consideration of the issues that the company may face in undertaking the transformation.


Structure/Layout of your report: as a minimum; this should contain:

  • Introduction and outline of the report
  • Evaluation of the research findings
  • Issues and challenges for organizations in developing a digital transformation plan
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Appendices – if appropriate
  • References and Bibliography – MUST be included

Assessment Criteria

Work assessed as Fail (below 40% typically does meet any of the criteria described below

Work assessed as Refer (30-39)  

Write a partially clear report

Demonstrate in writing some understanding of organizational digital transformation

Communicate a limited range of issues on digital transformation

Utilize research but of limited relevance and evaluation of practice is limited

Include in your paper some reference material but this may be of inappropriate quality

An attempt at referencing sources

To achieve a Pass with a mark of 40% to 49% for this element you must:

Produce a clear report

Demonstrate an understanding of digital transformation

Communicate key issues of digital transformation to the intended audience

Utilize appropriate research and evaluate practice in digital transformation

Include appropriately selected and arranged reference material

Reference sources to an accepted standard


To achieve a mark of 50% to 59% for this element you must:

Satisfy the above plus:

Produce a structured, clear, complete report

Demonstrate a depth of understanding of Responsible Sourcing and development of Responsible Sourcing Policy

Use a variety of appropriate sources to inform your presentation

Critically analyze and evaluate relevant source material as part of your report

To achieve a mark of 60% to 69%, you must:

Satisfy the above plus:

Bring all of the elements of the answer together into a coherent and critical whole.

Show clear evidence of insight into digital transformation

To achieve a mark over 70%, you must

Satisfy the above plus:

All of the elements must form an appropriately and well-presented coherent and critical whole.

Show real insight into the issues, with clear evidence of original analytical thinking.


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