For this personal development planning, I simply want to include my introduction. I am currently living in Sohar, Oman, and dealing with educational as well as academic activities over there. It is of major purpose that why I am even living in Oman and that is my professional choice. I am doing the job of a Business manager in the private sector of Oman. It is also my choice that I have developed a network over here. A professional setup such as of business manager is of great worth to me.


Furthermore, I am also involved in academic activities in this country. I am currently studying at Gulf College Business Administration. The university stands among many and gives me the best opportunities of learning along with many other subjects. In addition to it, there are also many reasons why I have even selected this university. This university is closer to my living place and thus I feel comfortable traveling. It is also giving me the best exposure related to my study program. Therefore, I selected this university for pursuing my academic activities.

The company in which I am working has also done numerous works with other parts of the country. The job having like business administration included dealing with many other businesses such as tourism, logistics, and transportation. My major duty is to make keen supervision of all matters amongst the company and also to bring all possible ideas adjacent to my field. For this purpose, I am much satisfied with my selected university as well as with my profession. In addition to it, I would like to include my personal experience in later sections of the paper.

Statement of Purpose of Personal Goals

The major purpose of having this accumulation of career selection is just to make personal growth. Personal growth is not simply related to the collection of books or having some degrees in hand (Argenti, 2015). It is actually more than that which helps to establish major agendas and goals in life. This is the thing that is also beyond the personal liking and somehow related to the personal perceptions about the things  (Fuhs, Nesbitt, Farran, & Dong, 2014). Therefore, there is a need to identify the worth of our degree and thus to set something exceptional in this manner. I have already set some of the goals which are included short-term and long-term goals.

The statement of personal goals is given below.

‘I have started my career as a business manager in a renowned private company of Sohar in order to explore my hidden abilities and also to go with personal grooming’.

For this personal growth, I have identified some short-term and long-term goals which are listed below.

Short-term Personal and Academic Goals

In Oman, I have dealt with so many things in such a short time. During this period, I have set some short-term goals for myself. In the first place, I want to set a standard in my academic career. This standard is enough strong for making projections related to my future growth as well as related to my long-term goals. I want to get the highest marks in my semester so that I can get the best related to my degree. I may have to face many challenges regarding this because it is not easy for me to get good grades along with my job. It is somehow a difficult and different approach that is urging me to set some high and different standards for working.

My major goals of mine are to set my academic level studied with my job as well as along with all demands and needs of my job. The short-term goal is not just to get good and best grades as it doesn’t make an impact on my personal growth as I have already mentioned. However, the approach is quite different and the thing is that it may help to keep me up with the new learning tactics and strategies  (Votruba‐Drzal, Miller, & Coley, 2016). Therefore, I must say that going with the new things is just the basic step toward learning and completing a new idea.

The new tactics in learning will enhance my learning at the workplace as well. The basic purpose is to simply imply the learning, qualifying, and implementation of new job tactics on my job and that is business administration. It is also great hope that the new things will help me a lot in conferring new things and new strategies.

Long-term Personal and Academic Goals

In long-term planning, I am focusing on upgrading myself. It must be in upgrading in terms of learning as well as with respect to the job as well. These and some of the other tactics are enough to set me in long run. The basic purpose of long-term planning is to set different criteria for things to be worked out according to your need and demand  (Knight, McKissick, & Saunders, 2013). The major aspect of learning about different things will lead to me knowing about things that are present in me. It is also to be known that I could promote myself through having better learning tactics and strategies related to my profession. It is also of great worth that this thing is simply related to my personal learning as well as my academic career.

In order to be promoted to another higher rank in a company, I must have five years of experience along with personal growth and learn to deal with different tactics. Therefore, it is of great worth that academic success such as in terms of short-term planning will help me to accomplish my major goals. Therefore, it is important that learning about short-term goals will simply go into dealing with and accomplishing long-term planning  (Ansari & Crosnoe, 2015). There is also the plan of having further studied business administration by achieving or getting any sort of scholarship.

I also would like to include other major goals through which I can help to set myself a standard. It is simply associated with many learning activities and just involving myself in multiple activities. In the first place, these activities will help me to make social mobility. Social mobility will allow me to work with a number of people. There is also the mindset and there is also the trend that working with a range of people will give you a good experience and thus I also want to experience this thing for the accomplishment of my major goals. Therefore, I have recognized activities like expanding myself outside of my circle. This includes joining different clubs and different societies for having better exposure  (von Suchodoletz, et al., 2013). Inclusion to that, I might find it a little bit difficult that these and other situations won’t make me able to cope with my routine matters. But, I just to set a standard for myself and that could be by having volunteering experience.

In case of having a better learning experience, there is needed to grow in all expected fields  (Sperber & Wilson, 2013). There is a need to confer about the things and volunteering experience can help me best to deal with different things and this would also be of great worth. This social mobility is of great advantage as this would simply help me to think out of the box and also help me to expand my networks. It will also help me to make many contacts in order to have better results and better outcomes in the future related to academic as well as professional growth.


Personal and Interpersonal Skills

In addition, to set and define multiple things, I have developed many skills during the course of my projection. These and other things are simply related to my personal development. Personal development is simply the name of having skills and these could be personal skills and interpersonal skills  (Kiuru, et al., 2015). These could be simply outlined and get from academic skills and professionals too. Therefore, it could be even easy to think of such skills that have helped me a lot to make personal growth and personal grooming in order to expand myself.

The skills which are used for interacting with other people are simply called personal or interpersonal skills and these are great in number. Even with the passage of time, this is even easy to think about many skills which can help to relate with the best and also with the best situation.

In the first place, the skills such as personal and interpersonal could be simply supposed to drive the use of technology in terms of having effective communication  (Broadbent, 2013). It simply includes the way and use of communication. Communication is important for having interpersonal relationships (Waber, Bryce, Girard, Zichlin, Fitzmaurice, & Galler, 2014). There are different modes and methodologies of having communication with other peers such as in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication.

These types of communication are used for developing effective communication with others. Verbal communication simply includes the mode of communicating with others in terms of face-to-face conversation. There is also the role of non-verbal communication such as in terms making e-mails, faxing, and other modes of telegraphs.

There is also the great use and method of inferring about others or to make communication with others and that is to simply learn about the knowledge of the receiver. That is the person to whom you are directly talking. It can be said that these skills are enough important to develop social mobility and also to expand networks for a purpose and for reasoning.

Personal Skills

Skills that have been driven through the communication of two people with another person come under the heading of personal skills  (O.., Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2014). Personal skills are simply referred to as soft skills which are also called people skills as well as social skills.


It is a type of skill that is somehow an inborn skill but this is also a skill that is gradually developed over a period of time. There also comes the point which helps to elaborate and differentiate ideas about creativity from that of natural abilities. It is somehow termed with natural ability but not always. While you are dealing with a person in terms of communication then creativity always plays an important role. It is simply to be said that creativity simply works in different situations and always helps to deal with difficult things (Clarke, Shurb-Beach, & Pollock, 2016). This is all about the major idea of creativity. This thing also leads to flexibility which is also another important aspect of personal skills. The academic and professional fields simply have the need for creativity and this skill can be regained through learning and implementation.

During my academic and professional field, the skill I encountered the most is creativity along with flexibility. These will also help me a lot to deal with major challenges which I might infer during my course period. The process of professional working and professional experience helps to deal with challenges present in the surrounding.

Interpersonal Skills

It is already said that these are the skills that are regained through dealing with more than two people and making interactions with different people on a large scale  (Kane, 2015). These are the skills that I have learned during my professional experience as well as through my living experience in a place. The major thing about this is that human resource development always helps in planning and also in developing a sense of teamwork. Without having strong boundaries of teamwork, there is no point of vision in a personal aspect  (Chee, Yahaya, & Ibrahim, 2017). There could also be no self-growth and self-development.

It is also to be known that businesses are going in another direction and somehow in a far direction. These have to do less with general things but more with practical things. Therefore, it must be asserted that new skills are getting developed with the passage of time and these simply include the time management skills and communication skills.

Academic Skills in Higher Education

In higher education, there are a lot of chances of developing academic skills. Higher education is simply to evolve and simply to develop different academic skills  (Tatsuoka, McGowan, Yamada, Espy, Minich, & Taylor, 2016). The institute at which I am studying in the Gulf Institute of Business Administration. The institute has simply helped to learn and evolve different academic skills because, in Sohar, this institute is earning a great name and fame. It is simply helping to make a different exposure in all relevant fields. There are many skills and the foremost skills are interpersonal and other learning skills. There is also a great diversity among these skills. Value-added academic skills are great in number and include such as research skills, time management skills, critical thinking skills, and important writing, listening, and reading skills  (DeVito, 2015).


Critical thinking skills

In academic skills, the most demanding and the most helpful skills are critical thinking skills. It is simply related to creative skills  (Alexander, 2013). During my academic period, I have developed critical skills through working on different projects. There is also a great depth of dealing with technical language and technical methodologies in order to raise the level of learning. The use of technical modes usually includes modes of technical writing such as email, memo, and letter. It is also noted that these are the skills that are also helping me a lot in my professional field.

Along with that, there are many other skills included such as verbal and non-verbal communication. These skills of critical thinking are also related to it and help me to make a better exposure to scenarios.

Creative skills

These skills are great in number and involve a great range of skills. Being creative simply means being innovative  (Bailey, 2014). The skills simply help to make an exposure of things from the scenario which may not be known to anyone. There is also the involvement of logical and critical implications and also include the logical and possible solutions to many problems. The use of creative thinking is always toward finding out the answer to a question or also to find out the resolution of confusion. It is also interpreted in a way that problem-solving skills are including the great and major analysis of things and there is a need to be with cost-benefit analysis, and value-adding analysis. This will also go for drawing a suitable hypothesis which is always a common method in finding out the answers to scientific questions  (Dias, Freedman, Medway, & Par, 2013). However, it is to be noted that the amalgamation of these skills simply gives the learning in the best stances in higher education which is also important in the professional field as well.


It is noted that personal developing planning majorly deals with the skills which must be identified at each and every stage. It is simply outlined in this paper that these skills go for giving better learning approaches in academic as well as in the professional field. Skills are briefly mentioned such as creative skills, critical thinking skills, time management skills, personal and interpersonal skills including technical skills as well. Interpersonal skills are great in number such as in terms of listening, reading, and writing skills. Therefore, the above-mentioned extractions deal with the role of skills in personal development and learning. Being a manager in business dealings, it is unique to deal with such things.

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