1. How often do you get a chance to shop in a month
    1. Once a Week
    2. Twice a Week
    3. Twice a Month
    4. More than twice a month
  2. Are you brand conscious in your approach towards shopping or do you prefer Personal Instinct?
    1. Brand Conscious
    2. Personal Instinct
  3. What help you to rate one brand higher on the other
    1. Offerings
    2. Brand Quality
    3. Values Added
    4. Discounts
  4. Do you notice how frequently a brand is advertising its products?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  5. Do you follow brand promotional campaigns and to what extent
    1. Yes, too much extent
    2. Yes, but depends on what likely they are offering
    3. Yes, If they have given a discount
    4. No, they always exaggerate product
  6. How much do you consider brand promotion valuable (Your Opinion)
    1. It always creates a brand image
    2. It will remain dependent on what one needs to purchase
    3. Targeting the customer niche will definitely help
    4. Shopping will never be about brand image or promotion; it will always be people’s mood
  7. How much you are willing to stick to the previous store for the shopping you went last time
    1. Not Willing at All
    2. Depends on my Last experience
    3. Preferable
    4. Depends on its promotions
  8. Which source do you consider effective for brand promotion especially before going shopping?
    1. Word of Mouth
    2. Attractive advertisements
    3. Attractive discounts
    4. Frequency of seeing brand name again and again
  9. How much does brand promotion affect brand name (Your Opinion)
    1. 20%
    2. 35%
    3. 60%
    4. 80%
  10. Do you consider the brand should align with people’s approaches while advertising
    1. Yes, this is how they create value
    2. Yes, this is what advertisement is for
    3. No, A company should provide what they believe
  11. Consider two of the latest brand promotions you remember and analyze in 2-3. You can also compare their features


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