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Problem Specification

IEEE research paper will be developed on ERP system implementation in the Oil & Gas sector. ERP system has an essential effect on the success of business and management of the organization. Although there are several benefits of implementing an ERP system, various challenges in implementing ERP are seen along with integrating the legacy system. In this study, the Oil & Gas sector organization in Oman.



Will monitor the implementation of ERP systems in the Oil & Gas sector using the data available. The evaluation will contain the comparison of efficiency and performance data being collected from the firms that are implementing the ERP system.


How ERP systems can affect the Oil and Gas Sector of Oman and how can be used to improve the efficiency of the system?

Literature View

ERP is an Enterprise Software Application that is considered in modern days a type of enterprise application which means this application is used only in big industries and organizations. The software is designed to operate several functions in larger business organizations. Often, customized for a specific business vertical and industry. In modern days most organizations implement ERP systems to replace their old software or incorporate applications of ERP because no system currently working. Gartner’s market share report said that Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and NetSuite are top vendors.


This research paper depends on secondary research. In this research, we will be taking help from journal articles and websites. This paper is most comprehensive due to its Qualitative and Quantitative


Role of ERP (What is being done)

In Middle Eat most people only can speak Arabic because Arabic is the national language hence there is a need to develop ERP software in Multilanguage The leading software in Middle East countries in ERP is ebizframe having automating enterprises in the region for a decade. Ebizframe has many contributions to Middle East enterprises industries. Apart from gas and oil industries it is also most valuable or benefitted in industries like distribution, retail, manufacturing, Logistics, and Project Management [6].



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