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Task 2: Case Study

Mobile Application development

Mobile application development should be tackled as an in-house requirement for the company. The benefit of the in-house technique provides the easy availability of the technical team. This will respond to the need for retail services as the company products will be sold on a high margin as compared to the conventional technique. This can be justified with an example related to the clothing and retail business (Information Agw, 2016). If the mobile development is tackled as an in-house matter the company will have less expenditure on development as compared to outsourcing where the extra expense will be related in regard to the outsourcing team.


Internal needs can also be understood by the team rather than relying on people outside the working environment (Introduction to Commerce, 2018). For example, Carrefour company also implements the same part of the retail business. The main advantage for this company is the team and people selected for the service. There is no outsourcing culture present in Carrefour.

Commerce Category

This business lies in the category of E-commerce where clothing products are the source of investment. These are selected from the mobile app and sales are recorded electronically. The category of Mobile commerce is flourishing to provide efficient services to customers. This area can provide facilities related to the company catalog and inventory level. The link is related to the Vendors product.

Services and Customers

The addition of a Mobile commerce system has brought increases in sales for the company. This has also added a new feature to clothing retail. The customer is getting closer to company products. Due to the mobile application issues of purchasing have been resolved. Now the retail of clothes has been simplified and billing operation is controlled with the help of mobile supporting staff. There are many reasons present to support this argument for example addition of Mobile apps for the sporting brand has increased sales and recorded a higher customer turnover.

The need of the market is simplicity and efficiency. This can be introduced through mobile commerce as maintaining a close relationship with customers and market distributor is the first part of the clothing store. The basic concepts of commerce involve the cash flow for the company as well as the product users.

Use of mobile apps for Competitors Product

The main objective for utilizing the concept of application use is to generate extra income. This can be justified by the share-based system. The company allows its competitors to use the current E-commerce facility for product distribution. This practice not only increases the amount of investment but helps the company to include the latest models for the market position. Some of the competitors did not have enough funds to build their own web applications. This area was picked by a clothing company and focused on the profit-generating practice from local customers. This also provided an overview of competitors’ financial condition and product development using the same market trends.

Task 3

Smartphones and their Growth

The addition of Smartphones and Global positioning systems has introduced a revolution in the business world. This can be understood with the help of business models and emerging E-commerce practice (Chaouali, et al., 2017). The first effect is on the business trends and customer interaction with the products. In past, where E-commerce was not practiced widely, business was depending on deals and face-to-face interaction. Mobile commerce has given a convenience for trade and liabilities issues. The main area for development is consumer behavior. All the business activities are made to satisfy consumer requirements.

The extension in business models can be co-related with the opportunity that an E-commerce application has given to the customer. The first application lies in terms of internet banking. This feature has affected the business models of very large companies (Ozturk, et al., 2016). Before the mobile banking concept companies have a major focus on demand to supply ratio, therefore, the profits were high. The Mobile banking application has given the consumer an edge over commerce and this has forced companies to introduce mobile applications for business development.

At the competent level if a company does not meet the current trends then a huge portion of customers will move from a secondary source. The example of brands is obvious. In the clothing industry, there is a demand for variety (Burton & Scheepers, 2017). If a company launches its mobile application and advertises all ranges to the customer then it will be convenient for the people to decide about the required article and save time for any other potential activity.

Before this trend, there was a conservative approach present in the business models. The major concepts were on the distribution channel. Customers have to target the basic location of the company and credit facilities were limited (Natarajan, et al., 2017). Since the commerce portion had a developed and the new name shifted towards the Electronic commerce were investors, as well as the purchasers, had a close link with the help of technology.

This effort was a beneficial requirement for the century, as with technology there are better standards present for people. When the quality of life is meant to approve it affects the business of companies. E-commerce also has the potential to transform the banking and financial system where all the old business models will be replaced with the new concept of emerging financial systems.

The company’s core logic and business model idea is also aligned for mutual benefit. This is explained by the top market competitors and sellers who have agreed on the same ground for business models. The use of technology has allowed all the companies on a straight path where the share of services can propose an important value for a market change.

Trade requires different choices from the business side. This is the right approach for alignment because in sharing the common goals and services both sides will benefit and provide efficient services for people. This method is made even more simple through the mobile banking system because every individual can make a record of sales and manage the core functions of the organization.

Mobile commerce has become an important part of the trade industry. Globalization has allowed changing the nature of the commerce industry (Fat Bit, 2014). This can provide the changes for building a partnership for people. The domain for changing the M-commerce concept focuses on the changing nature of each project

The value chain model has been implemented by the clothing industry and distributors to align their objectives. This will help to form a network where all the market traders will have a chance to provide strategic choices for E-commerce  (ELASTIC PATH, 2017). This network will also assess the market value and proposition because it is the need for the mobile commerce application to respond to the customer requirements.

The phenomenal growth in the M-commerce industry is related to the changes in the global positioning system. Basically, the changes are related to mobile commerce applications. This transition will help in changing the nature of business models (Chicago Business, 2014). The example can be considered the investment model of companies and the electronic model where the investment and expenses are related to e-commerce.

The new trend for mobile banking applications is changing the conventional business concepts and providing a new choice for people as business activities remain a part of Electronic based commerce.


Task 4

Industry Expert Talk (Executive Summary)

The expert tall was given by Younis Al Anqoudi. He is the head of application development. The main topic was the application of M-commerce in Oman Airport. The first part was related to the contact cards where information about people and their details was used for the Oman Airport projects.

The Next Stage was linked with coding and building. The talk stated that the developing process is enclosed in the form of a loop mechanism, where the planning and testing were related to the operation. This will impact the Oman Airport in developing a strong E-commerce  (Cleversim, 2018).

The information about APIS and web services was also presented in the talk. This gives a clear indication of how the computer can be connected in regards to coding ability. Tablets and mobile phones are also a source that can help the E-Commerce platform.

Another potential aspect of the talk was the Smart development and agility described in the form of graphics. This included a block diagram where the main characteristics of the mobile platform were discussed. The topics have key deliverables as this talk helped to understand the core area of E-commerce and provided a solid platform for learning mobile development tools.

The example from Oman airports was given for applying this strategy on a practical basis. The first area was the smart path. It was quite impressive to learn how a smart path can be made for conceiving customers. The passenger boarding systems were connected with the Portable security systems.  (IEEE, 2018)

In the first area, the talk represented the concept of increasing the loyalty of customers in regard to the changing nature of E-commerce (Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 2018). The learning concept motivates companies to increase the leva of advertisement for Public commerce companies need to increase the customer loyalty as it will increase the sale of products.

The basics are also important for the Merchants because it helps to predict the size of the online volume. The concept is related to a competitive advantage as more efficient operations are related to the competitors. The solid systems can also be used for E-commerce strategies.

The important area for talk is concerned with business developments. The talk included the latest trends in E-commerce and online payment. This helped to impact the nature of E-commerce business which is struggling to establish a competitive place in the market. The feedback for this talk was positive as it helped to provide clarity about information to students.

One of the learning outcomes from this talk was related to establishing a competitive advantage for people  (Mobile Commerce Lab, 2018). The information on the E-commerce websites was also important because these experiences can help the audience differentiate between theories and practical applications. The main feature of E-commerce is the online payment tools. This became the focus of solutions for websites like Mobile &Mall and the Facebook industry.

The learning outcomes also include the present condition of online patents and their application to business areas. The talk was quite lengthy as it helped to change the nature of people’s perceptions. It is observed that E-commerce has changed the present business condition customers have more access to the product and their experience is a further improvement with business models. Talk also highlighted the advantages of technology in E-commerce as the expert was quite motivated about the positive aspects of the company (The financial Brand, 2017).

Email marketing also remains top-notch for entrepreneurs because this tool is not effectively managed by people. Customer acquisitions are termed according to the change of marketing plans. The automatic process of the email will provide a change for communications.

Task 5

Mobile Application Development

Introduction and Need for Application

Al Zehra Pharmacy took the cause to develop the killer app for multiple pharmacy functions. This application was termed as Jamila app as it was the proven point for the sale application. The services included customer areas as well as the local prescription service provided. The need for final development was planned for application development.

In Pharmacy it is important to track the flow of products. The market competitors have launched a system that can make sales efficient and there are no errors present in the system. This trend has forced Al Zehra Pharmacy to develop a mobile platform for business.

This mobile commerce application will be designed in different steps. All the steps are connected with the proper function of e-commerce.

Stage 1

Architecture and Business Flow

In accordance with the pharmacy, requirement’s a new mobile application is developed. This application is termed as EMed Stores as it will provide a solution to pharmacy sales and resolves all the technical problems which the Jamila App provided for the Al Zehra Pharmacy. The architecture of this mobile application constitutes on three-tier software area which comprises the presentation layer and the next two are business and database systems. The first layer is made of the Android application.

This helps to provide friendly interaction with users when the application will be used by Pharmacy display centers. In the business layer, three programs are based on C plus and Net-Libraries. The facility of Barcode reading is also linked with the applications in real-time.

The business flow will be made from the target customer to the proposed service. The three-layer architecture will store and provide a result for the Pharmacy business. There are different categories of users present for this technology. The first group will be the patients. The second group will be the supplies for the hospital and the third will be the medical personnel who rely on these products.

The implication of this proposed application will include increasing the advantage for pharmacies in terms of demand and supply policy. Decreasing the load on accounts as the product sales will be managed through the mobile database. The pharmacy will also have a competitive edge over medical products sale.


Stage 2

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements for the pharmacy include a solution for the killer app Jamila. This application was restricted to some platforms. The new mobile application will be open to all software platforms’ which will increase the dependency of users and manage the volume of pharmacy data for profit. The application will be quick delivery and automation of medicines. The users will have access to the online payment and the specifications of each product will be provided to customers.

Bandwidth will be high because the pharmacy will require numerous entries for medicine. This will be depending on the connectivity and number of servers that control the amount of shared information. Security will be tier 3 and a firewall will be made to protect the private data of the pharmacy. This includes the relative cost of sales and financial profit.

The refill medicine and upload prescription will be added to an important feature for the pharmacy. The online payment and medicines reminder will be additional requirements to attract the number of customers. The rating and reviews will also be present in the least sector of the Emedstore application.

Stage 3


The design of this application consists of Dynamic Db where all the tables and entries will be placed in a separate class. The screen will use the Androids device to build the layout. XML files which will be related to the user input levels. The values will be recorded from the UI design as the presentation of the content is linked to the intelligent mode of the software.

The data will be fed from the layout screens and it will be displayed using a Dynamo Db type of typographic design for the screen. The wireless network would be integrated with the help of C#Net. This will use the help of Java programming to help connect the wired backbone with the system capabilities. The design is also linked with the basic concept of architecture. There would be a simple flow of programming codes and visuals will be adjusted with the help of technical layout.

Stage 4


The mobile application will be made with the help of an SQL server. The first instrument will be developing a console and its connection with the internet. The second device will be sharing the databases and network controllers to launch the application. The handheld devices will the mobile phones. These devices are used to construct the application.

The technical capabilities will be 2 GB Ram and 2.23 Hz processor. The Mobile platform will have required upgraded Android platforms with version 6.0.1. The storage will be 128 Gb and Ram requirements will be 2 Gb.

The limitation will be related to storage capacities as some users may have outdated system specifications. This will provide compatibility issues for the pharmacy services. The design requirement will be changed the layered structure will be tailored to meet the demands of all the users.

Stage No 5

This course was a pretty solid demonstration of mobile technologies in an E-commerce system. I learned how mobile applications have helped business retailers to find a solution. This trend has changed the business models and now most the consumers experience convince by the trade activities. I also learned how the business objectives of an organization are understood through research and development.

This course also helped in designing the mobile application. I learned how the application is made and what is a requirement of the market for these applications. It is useful to understand the need for e-commerce and implement it in the practical world.

This work also helped in understanding the technical aspects of application development. In designing a mobile application, there are different stages present and each corresponds to the required nature of the organization.

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