1.0 Introduction

The problem of traffic violations in Oman is a serious concern for the authorities related to road safety. Traffic violation not only proves hazardous to the Royal Oman police but also to people because driver increases the chances of casualties on road (Al Azri, et al., 2017). This violation also affects the regular flow of the traffic because controlling the traffic system in Oman requires strict monitoring of traffic violations.


This problem is explored in such a way that the main causes of traffic violations were researched from the regular incidents and the responsible authorities. Oman police declared that most of the mistakes are undertaken by the people intentionally. This means that source of education is missing from drivers which fail to follow the traffic rules and regulations.

The potential solution for this case will be a mass awareness for drivers who fail to abide by the traffic rules. This will incorporate the generation of a friendly environment where people will be motivated towards the traffic rules and their importance in practical life. Another solution to the traffic violation is the imposition of taxes on violators (Al-Shabibi, et al., 2014). If the amount of taxes is increased to cut off the limit then most people will reduce the act of violating traffic regulations.

The imposition of the fine will be the most prominent solution to implement in Oman where the Royal police have failed to control the traffic violations. This solution requires planning and implementation. For the first step, a survey is required for the number of people violating the traffic rules. If the number exceeds the expectation of the police, then it is potentially viable to implement a fine for each violation. This will solve the problem for police in such a way that citizens of Oman will think about the traffic violation and be prepared for the fine for each traffic bypass.

This will be a solid breakthrough for traffic control and will help the royal police to reduce the incidents for traffic police. This will have a positive impact on traffic police because the additional respondents have affected the integrity of the Police. Oman stands on the list of those Gulf countries where driving is considered an extreme cautions activity (Al-Yafi, et al., 2016). Major speeds for the automobile rank for 120 kilometers or higher. If there is an act of traffic violation then it should be controlled with the potential solutions.

The main goal of this study is to highlight the traffic violation happening in Oman and propose a solution to the problem. This will be followed by critical analysis and discussion of alternatives for traffic violations. Road safety in Oman has been given priority by police and many awareness campaigns have been imitated due to misconduct of people.


2.0 Discussion

The issue of road accidents has taken a pace in Oman. This is due to the increase in violation reports. Different alternatives are proposed for this issue. The list of three complete alternatives is discussed briefly in the work.

2.1 Alternative 1

One alternative to deal with road accidents is to impart traffic education to people which are driving in Oman. by applying this education and tutoring system people will be taught the basics of driving and reduce the number of accidents observed from the traffic violations.

2.2 Alternative 2

Another alternative to reduce road accidents is developing a sound system for a license. This will have been an efficient way to reduce the number of violations because people will be regulated for the license training period and all the credentials will be saved from this method.

2.3 Alternative 3

In order to reduce road accidents, an alternative solution for a traffic violations will be the addition of e tracking system for all the vehicles. If an automobile has violated the rules of traffic then through the E-tracking system, the vehicle will be locked at a remote distance from the traffic center (Naqvi & Al-Shihi, 2014). This will alarm the incoming vehicles and road accidents will be decreased due to the help of technology.

2.4 Designing the Solution

These solutions will be designed based on the culture and the traffic system of Oman. The first part will be played by the Royal Police in incorporating traffic education and awareness. This will be more effective because the element of fine and tracking will also be introduced in this design and the initial layout will be proposed for the number of violations compared with the traffic accidents (Bener, et al., 2014). If the traffic accidents have been increased in the proposed time frame. Designing will be more efficient for resolving the problem.

2.5 Description of Solution and listing the involvement

All of the proposed solutions are related to the increased traffic violation and resolving them with the use of technology and education as a viable tool. It will involve the e-tracking system to reduce road accidents in Oman.

2.6 Target Audience

The target audience is the citizen of Oman who has been vulnerable to the increasing amount of accidents.

2.7 Timeframe for Implementation

The timeframe for implementation will be recorded under the categories of three to four months and the addition of technology will have the required amount of time (Magableh, et al., 2017). This will be forecasted under the time period of six months to a year depending on the area to be covered.


3.0 Conclusion

The study was related to the increased traffic violation in Oman. The main issue was related to the Royal Oman Police and the problems in traffic regulations. These violations have led to higher causes of accidents. The solution which is proposed was creative and designed to reduce road accidents for people. This involved technology incorporation and presented a time frame for each alternative. The issue of traffic is the main finding in Oman and this should be reduced for proposed road safety.

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