Changes occurred in art and literature during Renaissance.

The renaissance began after the 14th and 15th centuries. In this tenure, literature was affected by major changes. In the first place, a new interest was developed in ancient Greek and Roman Art. This was due to the effects of rulers on artistic values and literature importance during the renaissance period. The artwork started to include Humans as pictures and idols were crafted similar to humans. The printing press was also invented in the renaissance. This was the major invention that changed the lives of people (Sorokin, 2017). The words were copied from a single source and illustrations were drawn on paper as well as the animal skins. In the first era, books were very much expensive. The printing tool simplified this problem and produced books that were economic.


The architecture was also affected by symmetry during the period of the renaissance. The structures and domed roofs were made during this period. It was a sign of reinvention and this structure represents a typical era of development. The renaissance painting attracted more attraction during the 14th and 15th centuries. This was due to the style and talent present in people for literature and artwork.


Plot overview

Sir Rowland has died. He had advised that his eldest son will be the beneficiary of the majority of his wealth. Also, he advised Oliver to take care of his brother Orlando, but Oliver has not followed this instruction. Charles, who is a wrestler came to Oliver and told him that one day Orlando will challenge him to fight. Orlando fights at court and there he saw Rosalind fall in love.

Duke banished Rosalind. Celia goes with Rosalind to the forest. Orlando when hearing the plot of his killing, also flees to the forest. Oliver is sent to the forest and falls in love with Aliena. Finally, they all promised to wed (Royal Shakespeare Company, 2018).




Daughter of Duke senior. She is clever having independent behavior.


the youngest son of Sir Rowland. He is an attractive young man who received no care and no education or training.

Duke Senior:

He is the father of Rosalind and Ruler of Dukedom. He was banished by his brother.


He is a loyal Lord who gives company to Duke senior while he was in exile.


She is the daughter of Duke Frederick and also a friend of Rosalind.

Duke Frederick:

He is the brother of Duke senior. He is of cruel nature and volatile temper.

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