Rhetorical Approach

Sprint super bowl ad was the first ad that helped me to have a different approach to the advertisement. This ad was quite a beneficial way to present an argument on the need for a bowl. Sprint media actually wants the audience to realize that its mobile phone technology is quite fascinating. The main thing is the delivery of the advertisement. The first ad looks like some kind of technology product but a user can easily understand the meaning of mobile phone technology and its relation. Tide’s super bowl ad is a little captivating because in the first instance audience fails to understand which product is being advertised. Then, in the end, the depiction comes to see the example of the tide as the cleaning agent for clothes.


In the commercial for Amazon super Bowl, there is a voice gadget advertised for the audience having some disabilities. The main learning from this advertisement is the smooth formulation of the voice product. It can be seen from an ad that Amazon has clearly displayed its product with the commercial. The commercial for T mobile is also an example of a vague argument where the media fails to give a clear understanding of the product that is displayed to the audience. The commercial Verizon provides a clear statement that how answering a call is important. The main take ways come in the form of an incident of emergency and answering the areas of emergency with care.

The first video responds as the best work where the argument is displayed in accordance with the information displayed. This corresponds to correct feedback from my side.


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