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Analysis of External Opportunities and Threats

Badger Mining Industry is an industry producing high-quality silica sand products. The products of the company are full of quality. BMC is a family-owned industry working in the field since 1949. The industry was started as a single industry. With the passage of time, the acquisitions by the company increased its size. Currently, the company has more than 275 associates and thousands of employees. It majorly operates in the United States, Canada, and Germany. The major facilities of the company include sand processing facilities, coating facilities, translating facilities, and research and development facilities.


The company has planned to implement information technology in its operations in order to increase the performance and quality of its products. The company is planning to implement Balanced Scoreboard technology. Balanced Scoreboard technology is a technology used for the management of performance. The tool helps the company to change its strategies and goals into measurable goals which are then converted into tangible products. Basically, the scorecard provides an enterprise view in which the financial measures of the company are integrated with other important aspects of the company in order to increase the performance of the company.

Opportunities and Threats in implementing Innovative Technologies

The implementation of innovative technologies in any organization is a difficult yet critical task. BMC is a wide-scale company working in the field of mining. The company has been working using manual technologies which were effective in the past. With the passage of time, the company has realized that it has to implement new information technology tools in order to increase its performance of the company. The opportunities are the chances for the growth that the company will face after implementing the BSC Model. The major fields that will be affected by the implementation of the BSC model include production, coordination works, and management. The major opportunities for the company will include

  • The implementation of the BSC model will increase the use of physics. Control instruments and robotics will be highly used which will increase the productivity of the work.
  • The model will increase the use of information production in which bureaucratic tasks like accounts management will be effectively done. This will increase the efficiency of the company and its operations.
  • The knowledge production of the company will help it effectively manage the software product. This will increase the work performance of the company.
  • The coordination of work will be increased by the implementation of the BSC model in the ICT. The management of information and the communication will be increased which will consequently increase the work performance. Telecommunication in the model is the fundamental module in the implementation.
  • The monitoring of the work environment will be in a direction that will increase the work environment efficiency.
  • The management of the performance at the workplace will consequently increase the performance of every individual at the workplace. This will consequently increase the overall performance of the industry.

The threats are always there when the opportunities are in the industries. When the implementation of the BSC model will increase the performance of the industry, it will also increase the chances of threats. The first main threat that the company may have to face is the threat of cost.

  • Cost is one of the major problems that the company may have to face in order to implement the BSC model in the industry. The implementation includes many different types of invisible costs that may not seem to be actual costs during the planning procedure. The company needs to properly plan the costs before the implementation of the procedure.
  • If the company fails to properly manage the costs both visible and invisible, there are chances that the company may go short of financial resources and consequently be
  • The second major threat for the BMC is the hidden obstacles behind the implementation of the BSC model. It includes the lack of experience and lack of sufficient resources needed for the implementation of the information technology system.

BMC is considered a small to medium-scale enterprise which makes it difficult for the corporation to effectively implement the ICT system. It is possible that the company may not have enough skills needed for the implementation and use of the ICT system. Similarly, such companies do have not that many financial resources to support the ICT systems. These issues can become obstacles to the implementation of the BSC in the ICT systems of BMC. The company should have properly experienced staff in order to run the systems of the company smoothly.


The opportunities that the company will have after the implementation of the BSC model in the ICT system will help the organization to enjoy high performance and high revenues. With the use of automated physics technology in the operations of the company, the productivity of the organization will be increased. This will consequently increase the revenues of the company. The use of controlled instruments in the production will help to produce more using less amount of energy and effort. The system will allow the organization to automate their bureaucratic tasks like accounting operations which will increase transparency in the industry and reduce the chances of any anomaly in accounting.

The use of automated software like CAD and others will help the company to reduce its dependency on manual systems. It is possible that the automated system may not produce the desired results. The automated system will help the organization produce desired results.

The problem and threat of costs can be managed by proper planning. The company can properly plan and estimate all the costs including hidden costs that are revealed at the time of operation. The company has been operating in the field for many decades. It cannot afford to lose its respect in the market. The best way to manage all the aspects of the company is through proper planning and management. In this way, the company can change its weaknesses into strengths and increase its productivity.

Roadmap Creation and Constructs

Technology is a roadmap for SMEs. The BMC is a small enterprise. As the other small enterprises are incorporating the technologies then BMC is also trying to build an innovative and creative environment. It is only possible through technological incorporation and advancements. That’s why the Company incorporated the balanced scoreboard technology to enhance its manufacturing capabilities. Technological advancements are good for company success and development. The company can change its goal and objectives. The BMC used multiple models of information technology to align the business operations. The ICT application, technologies, and services are used in BMC to achieve corporate goals.

BMC defined its roadmap because there were multiple aims to achieve. The BMC is a small enterprise and it is working on traditional approaches. The company’s aim was to develop the mission and vision of ICT to moderate the business strategies. The aim of the roadmap is operational excellence. The BMC is trying to enhance the excellence of business operations. The main aim of the roadmap is to build customer-oriented future-oriented technologies. BMC needs effective IT governance. That’s why the technology roadmap is designed by the company.

The balance scoreboard technology is used by the company to ensure effective IT governance. The second major aim of the company is to measure the business up to expectations. The company wants to build the foundation for future delivery and continuous learning and growth. The ultimate focus of roadmap development is to ensure business partnership and operational excellence. Information technology is highly beneficial for business use. The technology provides good services and builds the standard of the organization.

The technological roadmap constructs are deployed effectively. The constructs are deployed individually for each organizational entity. The roadmap constructs for co-operating business operations alignment and deployed mainly through managing risk, managing the cost of business operation, delivering the value of the business, and intercompany synergies. The roadmap constructs deployed service providers to deliver good services. The roadmap constructs are mainly demonstrated for increasing the competitiveness cost. The roadmap constructed a positive impact on the business process and enables the strategies to achieve the business.

The roadmap constructs are powerful and credible. Operational excellence, technological leadership, and business partnership are roadmap constructs that are achieved in multiple ways. The roadmap is a reason to mature the internal IT process. The roadmap managed the operational service performance. The mature internal IT processes are roadmap constructs. The roadmap is developed to achieve economies of scale and reliable technology platforms.

They deliver successful IT projects, support the technology users and deliver the IT services. The roadmap constructs are emerging as the techniques of new business and incorporating the technologies to develop the enterprise architecture. The roadmap is best to understand the technological leadership. The roadmap constructs the enterprise’s unit strategies. The roadmap of the organization could be a new approach to development. The companies are following new technologies and new approaches to achieve higher business quality and standards. Multiple enterprises are using multiple roadmaps to achieve the top rank and positioning. The companies which are smaller enterprises mainly work on traditional approaches and technologies. They can’t beat the level of competency and rivalry in the market. The business operations are not smooth and secure. Therefore, there is a need for new technology and new business strategies. The companies considered the new approaches to increase their business and build a powerful strategy. The BMC is also a small enterprise and also evaluated the need for new technologies and strong roadmaps to follow. The ultimate aim of the company is to get a higher business position through the maintenance of quality standards.


The BMC business couldn’t grow without any technological incorporation. Information technology is an advanced approach to generating a higher profit and also building strong customer and stakeholder relations. The business partnership needs innovation and creativity. Every enterprise needs innovation to sustain itself in the market. Technological advancements are replacing the old approaches. Those companies which are following innovation and creativity can sustain themselves. The innovation can be in terms of new technological advancements and new business strategies. The BMC build the roadmap to enhance its business functions and operations. The aim of the company was to align the business operation through the ICT and the BSC-IT model. The BSC-IT is a model of information technology used by BMC to enable the business achievements strategies. The corporation needs the best strategy to evaluate the employee performance, productivity, and standard of quality.

Therefore, the BMC uses the information technologies models and innovative technology to standardize its operations. Technological leadership is necessary for each business. Technology is the way to lead the market and competitors. The BMC uses the technology to sustain itself in the market. The emerging technologies are used to achieve the vision and mission statement of the company. The BMC builds the roadmap to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. The company focuses on its weaknesses and used the technology as an opportunity to get higher success. The company roadmap is constructing a way to manage the risk and threats. The roadmap of the company evaluates the cost and its effectiveness. How much the company is delivering is necessary to consider.

The company uses advanced technology or emerging technological models to achieve its production goals and objectives. The roadmap will deploy the future goals and objectives. The company can use its strengths to build strong future goals through an effective roadmap. The future climate capacity and individual or collective performance can be evaluated through roadmap constructs. Information technology is not helping the SMEs to build strong business goals but also provides benefit to each organizational activity. The company can evaluate the performance of the workforce to build a useful reward strategy. The technologic roadmap is deploying powerful management approaches by which a company can successfully deploy its projects and targets. The team and individual activities can be evaluated and measured for future practices.



Badger Mining Company is working at the biggest level. It is covering many departments regarding development. The operations of the company are working on a large scale. For this purpose, a roadmap technology is identified for the company. The roadmap technology highlights the implementation of new technology within the company. It is covering major departments and brings multiple advantages. However, some the recommendations have been made for the company through which it can use the technological adaptations well.

The roadmap technology has helped greatly in meeting the long-term and short-term aims of the company. These would be discussed one by one from the perspective of getting improvement. In the first place, the adapted technology is BMC (Balanced Scoreboard Technology). It is incorporated into the company for achieving long-term goals. The achievement of corporate goals will work in a long-term way. This was the fair purpose through which the technological adaptation is recommended to the company.

In addition to long-term benefits, the company is also trying its best to achieve short-term goals. These short-term goals include the resolution of the company’s problems in terms of dealing with integration and communication. The roadmap creation is also dealing with these problems. In this way, it could achieve the short-term goals of the organization. It appears to be the urgent need of a company such as to manage the costs. The lack of appropriate management of costs creates multiple difficulties for the company to deal with various things. It is an example of a short-term goal which is tended to be achieved urgently by the company. It is also the timely need of a company to bring experienced staff and multiple resources to the company. The technology is recommended mainly to achieve these goals. It is also identified that there are some obstacles in the way of implementation of the model. These are hidden and must be disclosed to turn to the long-term advantages for the company.

The sustainability of the mission and vision of the company can bring long-term advantages to the company. It is also the sheer purpose of this BMC technology.

It is identified in this paper that the sheer purpose of roadmap technology is to gain short-term and long-term advantages for the paper. On this basis of threats and weaknesses of the company, some recommendations have been made. However, the keen purpose of the development of roadmap creation would be kept in mind.

The core recommendation for the company is to renew the recruitment system. The regulatory body should be prepared to properly address the mission and vision of the company. In this way, the company could bring effective policies regarding the recruitment of experienced staff. The implementation of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) could be recommended for bringing alignment in various constituents of the organization. It also helps to moderate the business strategies. It should be incorporated well into the relevant regulatory body of the company.

The next recommendation for the company is to bring conditional monitoring for all operations of the company. A regular evaluation and monitoring plan could help to deal with various problems for the organization. The company is majorly facing the issue of lack of management of costs. Cost management is the financial substituent of the company. The lack of cost management could threaten the company financially. Again here, the roadmap creation is well recommended and specifically in terms of implementation of the ICT model. As it is stated that ICT would help to moderate the business strategy, then this could help to fix the company’s problem in terms of cost management.


The third recommendation for the company is to enhance its resource and use them effectively in the company. The roadmap creation within the company also helps to tackle the problem of lack of resources for the company. For this purpose, the company should work on bringing effective strategies and plans. The external market of the company should be considered well so that it can create a positive impact on the internal structure of the company.

Through the roadmap technology, the company is highly recommended for the use of physics technology. It also embodies some sheer purposes. The automated physics technology will help to bring automation to the company. This sort of automation will help to bring alignment and integration to various constituents of the company. The strong internal automated system would help to deal with the various weaknesses of the company. The achievement of short-term and long-term goals for the company is directly associated with this proposed recommendation.

The roadmap technology is connecting the various parts of the organization and therefore, is highly recommended under this section. It is recommended to the company to effectively use this creation plan in all major approaches. It is already stated that new regulatory policies should be built on the basis of this roadmap creation. It is also important for the company to consider this roadmap plan for their information department specifically.

In addition to roadmap departments, there are some other parts that have been involved in this roadmap technology. These are the major constructs and include operational excellence, technological leadership, and business partnership. These have been achieved majorly in many ways but the highly recommended way for it is the BMC which is the small enterprise. It is further aligned with the ICT model.

These are some of the internal core strategies which could be better adapted to that roadmap technology. The purpose is already stated which is the achievement of short-term and long-term goals for the organization. The threats to the company must be resolved and this appears to be the short-term goal for the company. On the other hand, the alignment of business strategies comes under the heading of long-term goals for the organization. The achievement of long-term goals for the organization is the basic purpose that is ensured through this roadmap technology. The company must use efficiently its human resource through which it can develop its performance and structure. The organizational structure would be better affected by this roadmap technology and helps to deal with many future problems. This company and its organizational structure would be better affected by roadmap technology.

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