My personal definition of leadership is that it is the ability to empower other people through their personal abilities and lead them to achieve their goals.


The common statement about leadership is that “It is everybody’s business”. It is stated that leadership should not be exclusive to high-level staff only. Leadership includes everyone regardless of title or position. The process involves interaction and relationships between higher management and their employees. It would interact with everyone in the workplace (Renz & Herman, 2016). It is also stated about leadership, “Leadership is not an affair of the head, but rather an affair of the heart”. The messages which our brain conducts directly relate to our true feelings such as heart and gut. The behavior is highly influenced by inner feelings. There is a need for a true leader to remain in synchronization with all feelings, beliefs, communications, and actions. The decision-making process of a true leader is always influenced by inner feelings. A true leader cannot ignore the feelings of the heart. This would ultimately influence his behavior.


Management is all about using the head but on the other hand leadership is all about using the heart and head at the same time. This synchronization of the head and heart is what makes the leader better than just a manager. The manager of an organization is responsible for carrying out four major functions such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. However, the leader won’t occupy the position of management. Simply, a leader can be anyone who would invest in work and projects and then demonstrate a high level of work passion. The true form of leadership is based on the personal beliefs, attitudes, and behavior of that leader. It would allow other people to follow that leader. The true form of leadership would allow other persons to achieve their personal goals.

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