Sometimes, our mind develops non-helpful connections and tells us to believe some situations which are not true (Lu & Yeo, 2015).  These are accounted for as cognitive distortions. I personally believe or observe mainly some types of cognitive distortions as part of my personality such as always being right, overgeneralization, and filtering. It is somewhat a serious issue in which an individual suffers a lot from those false beliefs. It is the same with me when I felt that those false beliefs or cognitive distortions led me to take a negative outlook on the world by feeding negative emotions.


I personally affected by these cognitive distortions in sense of depression and anxious mental state. It results in continuous personality distortion for me. I also gradually isolated myself from other people in the social context. I think that it is a situation that is unthinkable for any individual. If I feel negative about others then this negative vibe will definitely affect others as well. I could not help myself to develop positive relationships with other people due to this distortion. I also feel great difficulty in terms of developing positive approaches for career development. The career is also negatively affected by these distortions.

The distortion of over-generalizing things has always compelled me to go into arguments with other people. I feel that people started to become isolated from me and they say that you could not always be right. It won’t give the fine concept of generalizing the things about other people. Later on, these distortions lead me to become anti-social and thus lose effective interaction with other people around me. Overall, the situation affected me a lot.


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