Review of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality comes from the idea of a virtual world which is a fascination for people. It actually creates a world that is full of real actions and experiences but the content is designed to give the audience an experience of amusement. Traveling using the power of technology has attracted talented people the technology. This technology has further incorporated headsets and instruments which can create a virtual space for users to train themselves either for the living experience or for stimulation (Hornbæk, 2017).



Virtual reality had grown into the form of a multibillion-dollar industry. The reason for the increasing demand and growth is linked with the exciting experience when the technology offers the user expertise. Now a day’s virtual world has been accepted in all domains. These domains have been established using the help of computers, which form real-life experiences. The concept of providing gaming experiences has increased the technology to enter the corporate world (Ohta & Tamura, 2014).

Virtual reality has attracted progress in the field of consumer behavior. The craziness in the consumer segment has provided professional changes to the VR market. This helps to increase the growth of the market. The market was made through a mixture of technical giants. This technology was once dreamed of by the scientist to take hold. There are benefits to virtual reality that can be used in the practical world. The first benefit is creating stimulators for an essential user experience. The skills of driving can be taught through the virtual world. This is the advantage of VR, which can be used to incorporate into the local systems. When a virtual space is created to train the young person it will reduce the number of casualties happening during the relief experience (North, North, & Coble, 2015).

VR reality is also used in entertainment services and most strong use is generated in the gaming experience. The latest development in China has involved the addition of headsets and trackers to the gaming experience. This has changed the amount of finance and the Chinese market has surpassed the US innovation in VR software. The turnover of this technology during the year 2015 gathered almost 230 companies to invest in the emerging technology of virtual reality (Laver, George, Thomas, Deutsch, & Crotty, 2015).

These companies include Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Virtual reality has increased the dynamic audio services and in some countries, the technology has even created a prototype suit to enjoy the virtual world. This includes the gaming experiences as well as the entrainment industry. At the start of the technical revolution, the headsets were made of cardboard and low-resolution displays were given with the help of mobilizing units. HTC launched headsets to revolutionize the customer’s experience. This was followed by Ocula and Samsung as the leading giant in mobile phones (Bissonnette, Dubé, Provencher, & Sala, 2016).


Virtual reality has been used in the film industry. The main idea behind the use of this technology in the film sector was related to the 360-degree environment. In the previous concept, 3D services were used for making broadcasts and movie premieres. The audience responded to the technology and gave a positive attitude towards the incentive program. This was the main revolution that leads scientists to invent the virtual world. The concept was initiated by the cinema industry where the fiction was presented through the use of computer graphics (Desai, Desai, Ajmera, & Mehta, 2014).

This technology has also been used in online games to give an experience to people halt captive from reality. The installation of a VR world in adventures and theme parks also goes for the plus point of the technology. The studies on this technology provide an effect on perception levels. This technology can be used for changing the development of young children who perceive the world in terms of sizes and distances.

This technology is also used in education to provide positive effects on nurturing the minds for talent and skills. For example, providing children with an example of the real world and removing the sense of consequences for children. The traveling experience may be portrayed to students when having a virtual experience. This will train the children towards real-life circumstances and can help to avoid damage.

Virtual technology has found its role in defense purposes as well. This potion has gathered improvement in America where the virtual world is used for making operational and training personnel for the war zone. The US Navy has used the science to train personnel for underground diving and submarine options. The aircraft simulator help to prepare the fighter pilots when the initial training purpose is practiced. If the direct method was analyzed there will be a loss of fighter planes and lives. This invention has saved the financial cost and helped the government to enhance the technology more fascinating.



To sum up this review studies, all the areas where the Virtual reality has made advancements. This small concept gathers a bloom in the industry due to its uses and real-life experiences. Humans have been researching virtual reality and the advancement made in the form of gadgets explains how technology has been proved successful. Virtual reality has attracted fame in Asian countries whereas the West is still on the path to excellence. There is a number of uses of virtual reality in life and it is a great invention of science.

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