School violence can be defined as the circumstances where the children are subjected to the risk of hatred and inhumane behavior. In America, there are cases of violence reported in minors. School violence can be contributed to factors, which help to change the peaceful environment of the school. Education activities are changed and children face the pressure of suppression which is against the culture of society. The use of arms in primary and secondary schools has caused incidents where six children have lost their lives. Violence is the other form of using power for activities that are inhumane and demoralizing. Knife crime has also taken a rapid pace to increase the amount of violence against children who face critical conditions during the start of education activities. (Skiba, 2014)


Brief Discussion

School violence becomes a dark picture for the multiple states in America. The information given from the annual survey of America delivers the situations of school. The violent cases during the twentieth century have been reported just like health issues. The violent crimes regarding robbery and assault activities have highlighted the school violence (Howard, 2016).

The main reason for the increase in school violence is the gap in parent care. Parents have less time for children who require attention in development ages. The school authorities are also responsible for creating incidents of violence. The groups which have to reach violent circles outside the environment of school force pressure on the administration to present a panic situation in normal regulations (Simon & Johnson, 2015).

The relationship of a parent is a strong bond that helps to provide children protection against the wrong circles which promote violence. When this relationship weakens and children are pressurized to face the realities of changing climatic situations, violence comes into play. The job of parents is to give love to the young ones and regulate the suspicious activity (Ballantine & Hammack, 2015).

The capitalist nature has changed the life circle of people. In developed countries due to the survival race, parents forget to care for their children. When minors are open to education, ethical societies have their own culture and trends. Sometimes the children are suppressed from violence from the ethical background. This may be either due to climatic conditions where the violence is used to spread fear among people (Darling-Hammond, 2015).

The major responsibility of parents is to keep cooperation with the kid’s activity and regulate the places where children spend most of the time. Violence always enters the environment. If the surroundings are conducive to providing violent actives and promoting criminal techniques children will adopt the violence as a regular habit and practice in the surroundings (Palmer, 2017).

State institutions have also promoted school violence. This comes in the case when the few groups in school try to use force or pressure for money-related activities or social circles. Parents feel that children will adjust to the environment. There is no active participation mate from the school to the guardian which can protect the young ones from Violence. The effects of violence on young minds are very aggressive. School violence promotes a sense of insecurity. Children feel unsafe with their parents and most of the time is spent with their friends for illegal activities.

A good parent can be highlighted which becomes a role model for reducing the activities of violence. The people with ignorance try to blame the society and state for violence. In some cases, the blame appears to be true. For example, in the case of Arizona and California, there was state involvement in violent activities to train children for criminal procedures. The school was turned into violent machines and children had a threat by the countryside (Case & Meier, 2014).

Children can be protected from school violence through acts of identification and teaching. This group can be taught the basic steps to refrain from violence and promote a sense of belief and self-confidence in life. This can be taught from the positive influence of the parents who are the guiding star for the children.

The report presented by the America association helps to identify the children which are prone to domestic violence. This involves the loss of tempers as the basic seed of violence. This will affect the environment of the school and cause incidents like sexual assault and torture. Sometimes the violence may be elevated to the risk of robbery which comes under the classification of state-sponsored violence.

Parents can save and protect their loved ones from violence. This will require steps for taking awareness in the school environment. The administration should gather the attention of all parents and regulate the activities on daily basis. An intervention of security forces should be applied inside and outside the school for regulating the violence. Children should be taught to refrain from negative groups which promote violence in school. Knife crime should be avoided at an early age in school.



School violence has been the major cause of disruption in developed as well as underdeveloped countries. This incident has taken innocent lives and destroyed the future of many children. The main flaws lie in the nature of children and the degree of attention from parents. In America, children face an inferiority complex which increases the chances of domestic violence. Parents should protect children from these negative things. A regulatory and attention must be given to each sibling in the early phases of development. Children must be protected from violence and allowed to breathe in an environment that has no direction toward the negative activity.

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