Podcasting is a service that drives a person towards listening and enjoying regular activities. When a person is busy with routine work, the little break from the radio stations helps to make the work more interesting and captivating. Podcast has been adopted in developed countries, as a medium for expansion. There is little consideration about the future because the advent of technology has created changes in listening habits. Smartphones and gadgets have removed the worth of Podcasting from social circles and the masses rely on smartphones for an interesting experience.


The experience of the podcast has increased for a decade. The first introduction to Podcasting was made by Apple services. This was the example of the year 2005 when iTunes was linked with the store to gather the radio stations. The main listening station was meant to be iPod where people use innovative entertainment devices for listening as well as enjoying music services. The British Broadcasting Center used the podcasting services in public.

There was a slight change intended for podcasting in America as the minute quantity of people were aware of the services and the remaining personnel was unaware of podcasting and its uses. The future of podcasting will remain in serious doubt because this tool is getting obsolete in the coming years. The masses have decreased the use of podcasting. This is devoted to interest. Most podcasting stations are not delivering complete content to the audience. This makes the people more optimistic about selecting the podcast stations.

The initial wave was based on the trial method but when the podcasting gathered fame the station put subscription fees for every user. This helped to make a change in listeners. There was a change in trend made by the addition of technology. When technology enters the competition there are competitors which remove the conventional techniques of listening and open up attracting programs for viewers for podcasting services.

The future of podcasts relies on monetizing the services for people. If the financial circles keep on growing for podcasts then there are future horizons. Podcast has been highlighted in the Wall street journal ass the future of the listener devices. Yet the scarcity of funds keeps a deep drive to the business. The major steps which are taken to secure the future are the content and originality of broadcasting stations. The advertisement process is an excellent tool for podcasting stations and increasing the number of audiences. The statistics suggest that about 34 million US dollars were collected from podcasting techniques. This was the initial wave of advertisements made through billboards.

The market of podcasting has famous companies and organizations involved. This makes the future more prosperous as the market player can expand the approach of podcasting stations and build this idea in the form of industry. In order to build a bright future for the podcast, the financial factors become a deep challenge. First is the amount of data available to gather funds. This can be attributed to listeners who focus on Mp3 songs. This point needs to explain in depth because if the podcasting stations can regulate the number of downloads, users can be regulated in number. Podcast has increased the episode of online content.


If the initial ideas are gathered in the form of a reversal. The market penetration put a hurdle for the future of podcasts. In terms of expansion, if the money matter can be regulated, this will remove the backwardness from radio and television content. One step for direct marketing will use the online content for a subscription. The future of podcasting will also be regulated with additional steps for advertisement.

Podcasting is an online tool. It can have a better future if the audience and people are regulated with interactions and content is tailored to interest rates. The view did not state the initial lag of the podcast. This station is already gathering advertisements from American and British media. The UK channel has produced a great podcasting station that can be used as a guide of language.

There are inventions in Podcasting stations which is a move for the next generation. The addition of Stitcher is though as the frequent player of the podcasting stations. Yet there have been some serious concerns about the application. The application changed the podcasting technique which involved direct ads. This model was used to have a step on future of the podcasting.

Future can be linked to the measurement problem. The change in publishers’ behavior and advancement in technology push additional factors for podcasting. This will change the trend of listening patterns. In the future podcasting will not be linked to gadgets. The world will be open to streaming and there will be devices available to give a live feed of stations to the users. The concept of entries and subscriptions will be waived off and the channels will have content attracting the attention of every user.

In my view, the future breaks the modern concept of podcasting but the subscription methods will make a change in user demand. The podcast can be linked to online social content. This can get an increasing number of new customers and expand the voice over the rest of the globe. The future of podcasting plays out serious questions and insight for people which can prove an advantage as well as a disadvantage for the podcasting station. I think that the future will be a mix of technology and podcasting stations where the original content and the live feed will be regulated with the help of a change in podcasting techniques.


The future of podcasts will be dependent on user awareness and how the technology helps to increase the number of listeners. Podcasting is a tool that allows millions of users’ liberty to documentary services and language expertise. Developed countries have invested in the future of the podcast. This technique will form a mix of the audience and gain popularity in the audience.

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