Effective listening is carried out by gathering information from the speakers with attention to detail. An effective listener relates to the interest of the individuals. This makes the audience clear to receive the message and provide positive feedback. My point, effective listening is more important than speaking talent. In the coming points, I will support the point of listening to solid logic and specific reasons (Brookhart, 2017).

The importance of an effective listener can be renowned through the level of engagement being done during the conversation. When a positive discussion is made the attention-seeking people will go towards wider acceptance. The person who focuses on listening instructions will deliver more effectively than the individual who focuses on talking and discussing irrelevant points (Braithwaite, 2016).



The communication methods can be discussed through means involving the use of eye contact and correct posture. When the effective listener is participating in-class lectures or open audience the main skill comes with the body language. One of the attributes of an effective listener comes in the form of listening to detail for the statements and responding to the crosstalk  (Van Eemeren & Henkemans, 2016).

Group discussion comes when the listening period comes to end and the speakers want feedback from the audience. Effective listeners actually suggest new methods to make the discussion prolong and change the argument for the people who continue to talk without any solid reasons. These groups are actually affecting the mind efficiencies and storing capabilities.

There are comments regarding effective listening techniques. Some say that if a person is an effective listener he can change the words with the ability to learn from the listening as compared to the discussion. The argument clearly states that when a person is an effective listener he focuses on listening, which can be used for dialogue. It is proved through the ability of dialogues with people that an effective listener benefits more as compared to an effective communicator. This gives the space for people who clearly listen to those responses, which denies the presence of logic in the discussion.

The main point depends on the dialogue which will continue even if the effective listener responds against the dialogue. There is a mix of two ideas present in order to support the argument. The argument clearly states that an effective listener stands for giving an important description of events. The change will also be affected by the discussion. In order to present the view effectively talking will be required. This is an essential part of communication and it cannot be denied because people’s views are only communicated d with the help of discussion (Hinkel, 2015).

The argument proves strong for effective listening only when the person had a grip on the details. If the listening is grabbed with attentive details, the dialogue will also be affected. This will prove a weak activity and energy will be wasted in talking out to share ideas for effective listening.



To sum up all the thoughts, I agree that effective listening is required to give logical dialogue in the discussion. If listening is carried out with details, a person can develop strong communication skills for communication and deal with society and people. This essay highlights the importance of effective listening and makes a clear argument for the virtues of the technique. The main argument supports effective listening to the discussion. There is evidence supporting the argument. Society and people change their views towards listening procedures.

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