Personal Ethics Statement

  • We all have some ethical standards that we have bound our life to. These standards are built in us due to our environment and our society. These standards define how we should act in our daily life. These standards help us to make important decisions in our daily life. Each of us believes in what we do because we think that our decisions are the best possible decisions that we can take and we decide to stick with Sometimes our decisions and our actions slightly violate the normal ethical standards but we keep following them because we believe in our intelligence and our ability to think. This helps us to trust and believe our actions.
  • Ethical dilemmas are part of our daily life. We all have to face ethical dilemmas at some point in life. It is a situational conflict where we do not know what decision we should make(Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2016). If I will ever be confronted with an ethical dilemma, I will not rush to judgment. I will try to find the solution from my core values. I will try to find a solution that can bring the maximum amount of happiness to a maximum number of people. Ethical standards and core values help to decide what to do in the case of an ethical The decision may be challenged by others but the rightness or wrongness of the decision cannot be found at that moment.
  • The four elements of biblical scripture include prudence, temperance, courage, and justice(Vogt, 2016). These elements help to decide what is right and what is wrong. My ethical statement includes all of these elements which help me to act in my daily life. Prudence helps me to make the right decisions at right time. Temperance helps to control my temperament and increase self-control in me. Courage helps me to face my fears and intimidation and justice helps me to take the path of righteousness and fairness. I developed my sense of right or wrong using these four elements of biblical scripture. If my action is being supported by all these elements, then I am doing right otherwise I am wrong.
  • Bible is a complete code of conduct in daily life. It defines how we should act in our daily life and how we should mold our actions so that they are not harmful to anyone else(Senior, Collins, & Getty, 2016). It defines a complete code of life that helps us in our daily work. If I am acting according to the rules of the bible and everyone else around me is happy with that, then I am doing right. If anyone is disturbed due to my actions, then I am doing something wrong. Bible spreads the message of happiness and peace. If everyone is happy, it means that the bible is positively informing you about the righteousness of your deeds.
  • The negative behaviors at the workplace have now become a part of daily life. These negative behaviors at the workplace should be avoided in order to remain ethical in the workplace. Some of these negative behaviors at the workplace include wasting the company’s time, abusive behavior, lying to employees, employee theft, and violation of internet policies. These ethical misconducts should be avoided as much as possible otherwise these actions can disturb the workplace which will consequently affect the employees.


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