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Fake News!

Since the very beginning of mankind, slavery has existed in various shapes with various ideologies. That ideology has always been logical to those who have been enjoying the exploitation of their slaves as a symbol of their luxurious lives. The realistic and the true deadliest meaning of slavery are only known to those who were treated inhumanely only because they have been classified as slaves. As the opinion of only powerful or upper-class communities matters, therefore humanity does not cross the limits of those in power in order to include the enslaved ones in the rightful criteria that guarantee exploitation-less living for every human being regardless of his or her demographic background or skin tone. Thus the concept of good and bad has been confined only to those in power and institutions are playing a big role in sustaining this ideology. The Spectator is one such press-based institution that has been promoting this ideology for a long time. In a recent edition of The Spectator, the newspaper says that abolitionists represent a very small number of people and thus cannot outclass the pro-slavery supporters and their point of view (The Spectator). The fact is abolitionists do not represent a minority, abolitionists represent a cause; a cause that discriminates between good and evil and reckons every human being as equal as their God has created them.

It is a big falsehood being promoted by The Spectator that pro-slavery ensures the well-being and sustainability of the country including the enslaved ones. It is a big misconception or it could be a deliberate misunderstanding to reckon African-American people as the ones who will go inhumane or savage if they are freed. Those few who show resistance in favor of their legitimate rights cannot be considered savages as this is a very humane instinct. In fact, pro-slavery supporters are the true barbarism. The newspaper has been repeatedly developing fake news that through the practicing slavery principles, African-Americans are becoming more civilized and their well-being is way more guaranteed as was before their current enslaved status. Through a series of self-created instances or stories, it is being published and spread that African-Americans are born with their worst fates that guarantee no sustainability, growth, or well-being as it is guaranteed by their so-called masters (The American Yawp Reader).

The first and foremost fake news is that if slavery is cut out from the country, the economy will collapse as it totally relies on the enslaved ones. The newspaper is not publishing news on the basis of rightfulness; instead, it is publishing news for the good of local merchants and planters who are living luxurious lives just because of the efforts made by their slaves. Pamphlets are being published as well that are promoting this cause to those areas where such newspapers are not given coverage. Let us believe that the country’s economy will collapse if these people are freed. Would it be morally right to exploit those people who are playing a key role in sustaining and supporting our economy? There are hundreds of alternatives to the current pro-slavery ideology that will not only keep the economy running but they can actually be a great help in giving a major boost to our economy as everyone will play his/her part.

Furthermore, it is also being said by the pro-slavery lobby that enslaving people of African origin does not make any difference as slavery already existed in Africa. It is entirely ignored that slavery in Africa is entirely different. In Africa, people were enslaved as criminals or war prisoners. There they can have their personal identity and it is also ensured that their enslaved status will not be shifted to the next generations.  The Spectator has the view that if we would not enslave them, other countries would. It is to understand that if something is wrong, it will remain wrong no matter if others do it or not. Evil cannot be justified just because its practitioners exist around us. It is ridiculously said that it is good that these people are enslaved and captured here otherwise people from other countries would have taken them to worse places in order to make them work much harder. It is like the saying of a thief that justifies his action by saying that he does so in order to keep the taken things away from other thieves.

In last, it is worth mentioning those people who are the followers of such inhumane practices in the name of religion. The pro-slavery lobby also argues that slavery is a common practice in Christianity as it has been mentioned many times in the Holy Bible and thus there is nothing wrong in tolerating slavery. In order to keep practicing these inhumane and cruel acts, comparing these days with the days of slavery in the era of Abraham is no more than narrow-mindedness. Besides, it is clearly written in Bible that “No man can serve two masters” (Danker).


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