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The theme of The Giver is related to the life of a young boy Jonas. Society takes his pain and worries and provides a new concept of visualization. The author uses the concept of Utopia as an example to relieve the pain and comfort the boy. In this concept, there is a society where no signs of problems and worries exist.  Society portrays heaven as the major precedent. The idea here is to remove stress from the mind of young children. The concept that forms the grand Christian narrative can be related to the type of forces present in the society. This force helps to differentiate the evil and good forces in personal lives (Dowry).

Jonas had an old memory which related to the event of Christ and the whale incident. He understands the significance of Jesus and the condition when Jesus was swallowed by a whale. This thought is then discussed with the birth scenario. It also represents the same concept of Christianity (Needless to say, He will be released).

The story actually provided meaning to the audience, where all the people remain in the discussion and the giver and receiver group remain in a questionable area for the society. The time when Jonas feels alone during the community discussion, represent the nature of memory and status of respondents. I think that Jonas got confused in the discussion, which forced him to make sudden decisions (This new Caleb was a replacement child).

Giver remains to understand the mistakes as it remains highlighted and proves an important lesson to the individual.  Jonas was delivering a discussion to the audience when he notices that words are increasing the distance from his friends, he remembered the mistakes and tried to correct them on the spot.

The author actually wants Jonas to remember that giver and receiver have different jobs. The giver provides information to the audience. There is a secret in communicating information to friends. This stands as there should be separate ways to distinguish information (Jonas Receiver of Memory).

The book also provides information about Jonas’s memory. This is a change in the moments of history. This can be related to the access of students beyond the natural resources present in the rulebook of the receiver community. He remembers the small events in his life and wants to learn from his mistakes.


The text of the book is written by famous young adult novelist Lois Lowry which has set a path for society in an emotional way. He narrates the story of a young child who faced pain from society and emotions have allowed him to change the nature of struggles and memory lapses. The example of an infant in the book also gives an expression for the giver and receiver. The memory of the baby and act of giving poison was the hard event that helped Jonas to rely on its sources. I think this moment was more emotional and changed the little mind of a child.

This text is just like an autobiography where a story of a person is explained with the help of pauses and emotional scenes. The life of Jonas was in between the positive ends of giver and receiver terms. This can take the whole life story of the young boy. The author has carefully utilized the emotional events in terms of religion.

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