1. What do you think about the idea that our future leaders will be younger and younger?

Young people can look at matters with a different and new perspective. Youngsters believe in asking multiple questions to understand the core problems than old people who are not innovative and creative. Young people are highly involved in creative and innovative things, they like challenges and complex situations. The productive and innovative ideas of the youngsters can change the shape of the future for the better. The idea of young future leadership is great to deal with multiple problems. The young leaders can deal with the issues with creativity, innovation, and a great way of decision making under core research and extraordinary mental capabilities. The youngsters can design the new strategies rather than old and traditional strategies which are less beneficial and productive to reduce the poverty, social issues, and cultural challenges (IBM, 2011).

  1. How do you think you measure up as far as understanding new technologies and being able to harness them to be more productive in your career?

The advancement of technology has made life much easier and more convenient in this modern era and that is why it is important for everyone to understand its implementation. I am always trying to learn more about new technologies because of their day-to-day innovation. As far as myself is concerned the new technologies could be more productive for my bright career, and I can get multiple options and opportunities for employment. The highly developed industries and developed organizational structures are introducing new technologies and providing a chance for youngsters to get sustainable jobs. I will utilize all the technologies to get better skills to be a successful person.

  1. What are you doing to stay ahead of the learning curve as far as technology?

I am trying to stay ahead of a technology learning curve through practical surveys and research studies. I am habitual to read technology-related books, newspaper articles, and journals on technological advancements. In my spare time, I like to visit industries and organizations which are incorporating new technologies and making innovations in technologies.

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