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Locate 5 sources, at least two of which come from Sinclair databases

Go to the Sinclair Library Databases and find at least two or three sources that will help readers understand the issue. Opposing viewpoints are an excellent resource for this paper because it indexes articles by “pro” and “con.” Read and annotate your sources, taking notes where appropriate.

Do the Annotated Bibliography Prewriting Activity

Instead of freewriting this time, your prewriting assignment is to find at least one source on each side of the issue you have decided to write about. Please post the following:

  • One sentence that summarizes your topic.
  • An MLA formatted citation (works cited entry) for each of your articles.
  • Following each citation, a one-sentence summary of each article spells out the position the article takes.

Because typing directly into the text box does not preserve formatting, please compose your prewriting in a word processing


Write your rough draft of the Annotated Bibliography

Find more sources — at least five — and read them all. Then, draft your annotated bibliography. Be sure to look at the sample papers in this unit. This is not an essay. It is a bibliography (list of sources) that includes short summaries and comments about each source (annotations). Don’t forget to include a scope statement — read more in the assignment guidelines.

Make sure that you read the Assignment Guidelines before submitting your draft for peer feedback. Also, read the What to Do with your Rough Draft page for additional information.

Post your rough draft in Drafts and Peer Feedback Annotated Bibliography.

If you need similar but plagiarism-free “learning activities”, then feel free to contact us!