Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:

  • Demonstrate an advanced ability to identify, assimilate, and review applications of, particular research techniques.
  • Identify various means of data collection that are feasible and can be ethically enacted.
  • Articulate and critically evaluate differences between alternative research methodologies.
  • Explain how research outcomes may be affected by the nature and application of particular research techniques.
  • Demonstrate an advanced ability to construct a robust methodology for addressing a research question.
  • Explain how the use of selected methodologies is relevant to a specific research proposal.

Criteria for Assessment:

  • Understanding of the proposed project
  • Evidence of analysis
  • Organization and use of visual aids
  • Non-verbal & verbal communication skills

Assessment Task:

Students are to select their proposed research topic for the Master of Business Research thesis and make a presentation to the class for at least 10 minutes followed by question and answer. The presentation is required to use PowerPoint slides.

Submission Date:

Week 6 – Sunday at 11.59 pm (online submission) of the PowerPoint presentation slide deck.

Total Mark & Weighting:

15 marks | 15%

Students are advised that any submissions past the due date without an approved extension or approved extenuating circumstances incur a 5% penalty per calendar day,

calculated from the total mark e.g. a task marked out of 15 will incur a 1.75 mark penalty per calendar day.

Assessment 1– Individual Presentation. Presentations will be made during the scheduled class time.


BUS606 Assessment 1 – Individual Presentation Description:

Students are required to select a proposed research topic for their Master of Business Research thesis that is aligned to one of the seven Research Clusters in the School of Business as listed below.  Students are required to make a presentation for 10 minutes to the class on their proposed research topic and answer questions from the class and the lecturer. Students must conduct extensive research on the topic and must cite relevant sources to support their research proposal.

The MBR Research Clusters are:

  • Cluster 1: Leadership and Management of Large Corporations
  • Cluster 2: Leadership and Management of Not-for-Profit Organisations
  • Cluster 3: Leadership and Management of Start-ups, SMEs, and Family Business
  • Cluster 4: Leadership and Management of Technological and Digital Transformation
  • Cluster 5: Leadership and Management of Sustainable Business Operations
  • Cluster 6: Leadership and Management of Government and Multilateral Organisations
  • Cluster 7: Leadership and Management of Tourism and Hospitality Organisations

The PPT presentation should address at a minimum the following points:

  1. The proposed title of the research project (maximum 12 words)
  2. The Research Cluster of the project
  3. The research objective
  4. The motivation for conducting the research
  5. A justification of the importance and significance of the research project
  6. An overview of the relevant literature and prior research concerning the proposed research project
  7. The proposed method for collecting data and other evidence when executing the research project
  8. Discussion of expected challenges and proposed solutions to these challenges when conducting the research
  9. The expected contribution to the field of knowledge from undertaking the research
  10. Reference list comprising a minimum of 10 references

BUS606 Assessment 1 – Individual Presentation requirements:

  • A PowerPoint presentation in class with a minimum of 10 slides
  • The PowerPoint presentation must go for a minimum of 10 minutes. Please allow an additional 5 minutes for questions time if requested by your lecturer or other students in the class.
  • Your PPT should be converted into PDF and uploaded via Turnitin on the Sunday of the Presentation week.
  • Appropriate and accurate use of the APA referencing system for in-text citation as well as a reference list

You must use a minimum of 10 references. These must be authoritative and comprise primarily academic references (e.g. journal articles or textbooks) or other authoritative sources such as government reports.

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